Best Spring Lawn Care Tips For Your St. Louis Property

Spring is that time of the year when your yard is supposed to start looking green and lively, perfect for barbecues and outdoor parties. However, this won’t happen automatically. St. Louis lawns have special needs when spring comes, and you need to address these needs to achieve the picture-perfect yard and garden you have in mind. Lawn care and maintenance information from Schwartz Brothers Landscape Solutions Website will come in handy at this time.

Here are some spring lawn care tips. These are particularly tips about lawn preparation, spring maintenance, and lawn care schedule. They will help you accomplish all your goals for your yard this year:
Great Spring Lawn Care Tips for Your St. Louis Yard

St. Louis Spring Lawn Care Tips: Preparation:

Lawn preparation is crucial for a healthy yard this summer. When spring approaches, the temperature increases, so you need to protect your yard from the drought and heat. Here are some simple lawn preparation tips for St. Louis homeowners this spring:

1. Clean Up

Remove debris like leaves and twigs that have accumulated over the winter. Debris can block fertilizers from being thoroughly absorbed into the grass.

2.Apply the Killer Trio

At the onset of spring, apply a combination of pre-emergent, weed killer, and fertilizer. The pre-emergent will prevent crabgrass growth, the weed killer will kill any existing weeds, and the fertilizer will feed your grass.

3. Mow Often

Mowing your yard once a week means you’re cutting away all the tall grass, and this will stunt their roots, preventing them from reproducing properly. For the first six weeks of spring, mow your yard every five days to get a fuller more beautiful lawn. Important: Use sharpened mower blades for a cleaner cut.
St. Louis Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring Lawn Care Schedule for St. Louis Homeowners:

There are ideal times for fertilizer reapplication and weeding during mid to late spring. This is the ideal spring maintenance and lawn care schedule for St. Louis homeowners:

Mid Spring:

This is the ideal time to aerate the ground if your lawn has warm season grass. Aerating allows grass roots to expand and helps water and fertilizer reach the roots more quickly. While your grass is growing, keep in mind the ideal mowing height for your grass type. Keep your grass as long as possible since longer grasses have deeper and healthier root systems.

Late Spring:

Remove unwanted weeds through pesticides (if you’re comfortable with using them) or use more natural weed removal methods. Add more fertilizers if needed. It’s better if you have your soil professionally tested to see which minerals and nutrients your soil lacks.

St. Louis Maintenance Spring Lawn Care Tips

* Avoid mowing when the yard is covered in weeds since this may spread pathogens.
* Water three times a week. Water early in the morning just as the sun is starting to rise. Watering in the afternoon results to more water getting lost due to evaporation. However, watering in the evening will leave your grass too wet and leave it prone to fungus growth.

These lawn preparation, spring maintenance, and lawn care schedule tips will help you achieve your dream St. Louis yard this spring. Read a lot of resources and ask for expert advice when you have questions that these spring lawn care tips can’t answer. When you have problems with your lawn, address them right away to avoid escalation. Keep in mind these St. Louis care and maintenance tips for a vibrant lawn this summer.

Beautiful Garden Walkway Tips and Ideas

Maryland Heights is looking for guidance on what to do with the 1,800 acres of the flood plain which the St. Louis Ram’s owner initially eyed for development. A Stakeholder Advisory Committee was gathered by the municipality in order to work with city officials regarding plans for the said site. Some of the committee members are representatives of regulatory and planning agencies that have authority on that area located between Creve Coeur Lake Park and the Missouri River.
maryland heights
In an article by, “This farm field is part of what Maryland Heights officials call the “Maryland Park Lake District.” Developers hoping for TIF incentives from the city will now have to convince a county commission that their project will benefit the entire county, not just Maryland Heights.”
The article also states that initially, “Kroenke, who moved the Rams to Los Angeles a year ago, and Bornstein outlined to the city last summer a project they called Little Lake Town Center. The proposal included residential and commercial development, biking and hiking trails, plus a 1,365-acre recreational area overseen by a nonprofit entity.”
According to the article, other proposals submitted for the site by other developers include stores, multi-purpose arena, hotels, business parks and apartments. Eventually, it was the city that decided to start over in planning what to do with the area, now with the help of its advisory committee.
Furthermore, the article states that “Developers — including Bornstein and Kroenke — who pitched plans previously may submit new proposals once the committee work is done and the city has more specific project goals, Oldroyd said. He added that city officials will evaluate proposals, not the names of the developers, including the Rams owner and his lawyer.”
Read more —
Whatever form of development the city could come up with for the Maryland Heights, 1800 acres is a truly huge space for development. This is why it is important for the St. Louis area to plan for the area wisely. For homeowners, such a vast piece of land would be a blessing and an opportunity to be creative in terms of enhancing their property. You can think of several ways to landscape your lawn and make sure the area is not wasted. You can create a garden with a truly stunning walkway.
walkway 1
It is true that when it comes to yard landscaping, we often overlook walkways because we are so busy thinking about plants, pools, and patios. Connecting the different spaces in our yard is mostly neglected. Walkways can both be a guide to your yard and a source of good mood or atmosphere.
An article by states the importance of walkways and garden paths. “By ignoring paths, a garden can become disjointed because of the lack of thought put into the transitions and connections.”
The article also states that if you want to enhance the look and feel of your garden by creating a walkway, “You’ll want to start by determining if you are trying to create a formal or informal feeling.” 
According to the article, formal garden paths are distinguished by right angles and straight lines, while informal garden paths are typically curved and meandering paths.
In addition, the article states that aside from deciding between formal and informal paths, “you’ll need to make a number of important decisions regarding shape, dimensions, and materials, which can range from simple gravel to decorative stamped concrete. Other factors to consider include your budget, the desired traffic flow, the amount of foot traffic your walkway will receive, and safety.”
As a tip when selecting materials for front yard walkway, the article mentions that factors such as safety, curb appeal and your home’s exterior architecture must be considered. It also states that you need to determine the “best placement for backyard walkways to create destination zones and a natural traffic flow from one area to another. “
Furthermore, the article suggested to “Design tricks for varying the width of a path at certain points in the garden to indicate that the visitor has arrived at a destination, such as a shady bench under a tree.”
For concrete walkways, the article states that you can choose from several decorative options such as “adding color by staining or integral pigments, imparting pattern and texture through stamping or saw cutting, exposing the aggregate, and adding decorative borders.”
Other tips include “Using outdoor path lighting for both safety and way finding, including advice on path lighting mistakes to avoid and using pathway edging to create a manicured look, to keep gravel or other loose paving materials in place, and to keep plants and mulch off walkways.”
These walkway tips can really help you plan the most beautiful garden and lawn landscape for your property. You don’t even need to have 1800 acres of land to achieve this. You just need to apply tricks and designs perfect for the space you have.


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Maintain a Green Lawn with the Help of a Lawn Care Service


A well-maintained lawn is radiant to the eyes. It helps you feel calm and relaxed from the the daily stresses. It draws you just to sit there for a while and forget all your worries. A great lawn should fill you with leisure and make you want to sip your cup of coffee and enjoy a good book in the shade. Lawn care professionals can easily help you accomplish this.


Everyone prefers to have a good looking, well maintained lawn, however, that is not always the case. Grasses and plants grow, and if they are not trimmed regularly, they may be out of shape and can be an eyesore. Aside from that, weeds pop up too and very quickly at that. Seeing your lawn with long grass, plants, and weeds, will make you want to go back inside the house to avoid the problem. That is why you must perform upkeep on it regularly.


What If You Are Too Busy to Maintain Your Lawn?


That’s when a lawn care service comes in. They help you with maintaining your lawn and making it look healthy.  Schwartz Brothers Landscape Solutions is a lawn care service in St. Louis that can help. You want to have a clean, green and healthy lawn, please contact us about our services.


Professional Lawn Maintenance for Commercial and Residential Properties


What Can Quality Lawn Care Services Provide You?


Lawn Assessment

A quality lawn care service will evaluate the condition of your lawn and see what they can do to cure, care, and maintain your lawn.


Mowing and Edging

Mowing and edging are the most basic services available. Sometimes, you can become too busy with your other priorities and you don’t have time to trim your grass. Our lawn mowing company can help you with this.



These services help keep your soil nourished for grass and plants to flourish. Lawn care service providers offer Phosphorus, nitrogen and other fertilizers that are necessary for your lawn to be healthy.


Weed Removal

It can be quite unpleasing to the eyes if there are weeds among the well-maintained grass on your lawn. When they are not pulled out right away, they will grow more and more and absolutely cover your grass. Lawn services help remove and kill weeds to maintain your green lawn.


Bug and Pest Control

To ensure that your grasses and plants remain healthy, they also assess if there are bugs and pests. These insects eat the leaves of your plants and grasses. Having a few of them may not cause trouble, but remember that they multiply and grow and they can be uncontrollable. These services help you kill those bugs away and keep a bug-free garden.


Soil Aeration

Soil aeration lets your soil breathe. The better it breathes, consequently the healthier it becomes. This means that more of your grass and plants will grow. Lawn care service providers also offer treatments to keep your soil as healthy as possible.


Lawn Restoration

Some lawns which have long been neglected and can be brought back to life like it was once before. If your lawn is already in poor condition, our lawn professionals can fix it.


Don’t let your lawn, which can give you pleasure, become dull. Have your favorite place for coffee and reading always clean and green. Get some help from our lawn care service professionals.




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Creating and Maintaining a Beautiful Water Design

Jan 28,2017 / Landscaping Ideas

A Florida-based real estate investment trust managed to sell the 195-room Hilton St. Louis Downtown. This is part of a larger deal that was closed officially on December 2. Reports have not mentioned the exact amount that Hilton St. Louis was sold for. City records of St. Louis reports that Hilton St. Louis, which was located at 400 Olive Street gained a $6.89 million appraised value.
According to an article by, “St. Louisans woke up to a unforeseen headline this past week when the downtown St. Louis Hilton hotel was sold as part of a larger $119 million deal that also included three other hotel properties.”
To be more specific, the article states that, “The Florida real estate agency, Orlando-based Xenia Hotels & Resorts Inc., which refused to disclose the buyer at the time of the sale this past Friday, sold the hotel to MCR St. Louis LLC, reported city real state records as of this Monday.”
The article also states that “Along with the Hilton Downtown, other hotels were apart of the multi-struck deal. They include the 162-room Homewood Suites by Hilton Houston Near the Galleria, the 148-room Hampton Inn & Suites Denver Downtown, and the 178-room Hilton Garden Inn Chicago North Shore and Evanston.”
Moreover, “MCR plans on making additional acquisitions in upcoming years, and reported that they are incredibly excited and motivated to make the best out of their newfound property,” the article stated.

Like the Hilton Downtown, it is easy for your property to get a higher appraised value as well. If you are trying to sell your property, it is important to know and understand the need for home maintenance and improvement inside and outside your home.
One of the best techniques is to add a water feature to your landscape. Water features like koi ponds, water gardens and fountains have been topping trends for home landscaping in the past years and until now. However, it is important to know that even if these water features can make your landscape more relaxing, they also need to be maintained if you want them to be functional and attractive all the time.
An article by the states that, “Homeowners should create a water feature design that is fitting with the scale and style of their homes while also keeping their lifestyles in mind. Ponds are popular water features and, like pools, come in both inground and above-ground styles. Above-ground ponds are easier and faster to build than inground ponds and may be safer options for parents of young children.”
The article also mentions that “Water features require the constant flow of water to prevent stagnation and proliferation of mosquito and other insect larvae. That requires a pump to push the water around.”

However, the article states that “Even pumps protected by an intake filter or screen can become clogged with debris. It’s necessary to routinely inspect the screen and the pump filter and remove any obstructions. Otherwise, the pump motor can overheat and malfunction.”
In addition, “The wrong balance of conditions in the water can cause problems,” the article stated.

So, according to the article, “Avoid locating the water feature where lawn and garden runoff will find its way into the water. Filtration and routine testing of water levels also can help. Water features that are not meant to become wildlife habitats may benefit from a mild sanitizer to keep algae at bay. A thorough cleaning of liners at the end of the season to eliminate materials that build up on the bottom can help, too.”
In preparation for the winter, the article states that “homeowners must decide if they want to keep the water feature running or shut it down. Many experts say smaller ponds should be drained, cleaned and left empty until spring. This is also a time to cut back the dead plant material and remove any tropicals from the water. Remove pumps and drain water feature lines so they make it through the winter without freezing.”

Furthermore, according to the article, “Homeowners should work with a skilled water garden expert in planning the feature’s design and location with safety and upkeep in mind.”
With a little bit of time and effort in applying several landscaping ideas and maintenance for your home, you can also get your property sold for bigger profits in no time.




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Frontenac Residents Don’t Want a Change of Scenery

Residents of Frontenac, Mo are not happy about proposed construction and development of a 22-unit town home. This will be at a former quarry that is near 41 homeowners who live in a small number of streets on the west part of the busy Lindbergh Boulevard. Almost all of these homeowners planned to air their objections for the third time on Tuesday night, with regards to the Frontenac Planning and Zoning Commission. The town homes are expected to be sold for $500,000 on average, but whether this construction can move forward or not, the final decision will be made by the aldermen.
An article by states that “City Building Commissioner and Zoning Administrator John Morgan said the commission is expected to make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen on re-zoning five acres of quarry property from commercial to residential use.”
However, according to the article, “The proposal by Pulte Homes has spawned a unified quest to halt a project homeowners fear will turn quiet residential streets into a byway for vehicular traffic.
‘They want to burden us with access’ to the Villas at Frontenac, Robert Samuels says of the plan to route construction vehicles and, ultimately, more residential traffic through the neighborhood.”
The article also states that a West End Park resident, Bob Bauer, has one thing to say about the 11-acre quarry that separates the Upper and the Lower West End Park. “That vacant piece of land has been the best part of this neighborhood.” Bauer said.
However, the article states that a Pulte Homes engineer, Matt Segal “also dismissed worries that Villas at Frontenac construction will swell Upper West End park with dump trucks and heavy equipment.”
Read more about this story here —
Worrying about the change that is expected to come upon West End Park is only a normal feeling for these residents, especially because nobody knows for sure what the outcome of this change is. But, it is important to realize that sometimes we need to make room for development. And when it comes to development, most of the present inconvenience result to future convenience. The things you view as inconvenience today can actually be the instrument for improvement and convenience tomorrow.
This is the same when you are trying to improve your home or backyard. There may be a few features you view as inconvenience, but you can blend these inconvenience with a few fixes and a touch of creativity to make way for a more improved and developed property.
Whether you have large or small gardens and backyards, you can apply great ideas for an amazing landscape and you can even make use of the the features growing out naturally there, for instance, bush gardens, etc. It is important to understand that the creation of one astonishing garden does not always mean totally replacing what is naturally in there. It also lies in making use of the natural features there to make your once dull garden bloom with life.
In a blog I ran across,, it  states that “gardening tastes would still change, there are those minimalists who would go crazy about the seamless geometric gardens, and those who fall for Japanese or French style gardens. But whatever taste or preference, here are some of the trends you can incorporate in your backyard to achieve the best out of your garden, no matter the history behind it.”

According to the article, “Colour-blocking has been an ageless trend in women’s fashion for decades without losing its exquisiteness. It usually incorporates discrete blocks of bright colour shades, which can make a statement in your outdoor living spaces as well.”
Furthermore, the article states that “To achieve a more organic look, go for rustic natural material in your garden. This could be curved from stone or old wasted tree branches to form curvy garden seats or swing seats.”
The article also suggested the application of hyper-localism. According to the article, “This gardening trend encourages the use of locally-sourced flowers and plants that are native to a specific ecosystem.”
You can also mix modern and vintage gardening designs. In fact, the article states that “A modern day bed with a rustic bench or seat offers an intrepid distinction to the traditional furniture.”
For those who live in urban spaces but would love to incorporate the feel of nature into their homes, the article states that “Bonsai plants come to the rescue!”
In an interview with a bonsai plants expert, Prachi Shah, the article states that “grafted fruit trees can be planted anywhere, even in your balcony for those in urban living. She imports grafted desert rose plants in more than 300 different flower varieties and more so grafted assorted fruit plants namely; mango, guava, pomegranate, cherry, papaya, custard apple.
While planting, one has to mix the soil and fertilizers or organic manure in proportions. Clipping the branches helps to get more fruits and maintain the health of the plant. If planting any grafted fruit tree on your balcony, ensure that you change the pot as the plant grows, say after two years, she said.”
Additionally, the article mentions that “If you want to turn your outdoor space into a paradise where everyone can have some fun any time they are home, then think green — think golf course green. Golf course green is usually referred to as putting green.”
According to the article, “‘Golf course landscaping is the ultimate upgrade to a home scenery,’ said Director of Jaria Hortscapes, James Munuve. Munuve observes that people do not want places they have to weed. They want places where they can relax and play.”
When it comes to improving property, homeowners should never fear present inconvenience but use them as a stepping stone for overall improvement. But, in the case of developing the West End Park quarry, it is important for the administrators to make sure this project can really benefit everybody and ensure no major inconvenience to the residents.



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