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Proper lawn care in Olivette, MO, is a “hot-button” trending home-improvement for 2015-2016. Smart homeowners are putting it at the top of their “to-do” lists to beautify and maintain their property.lawn service cutting grass in Olivette MoA meticulously-kept yard, by the best services in lawn care Olivette offers, can significantly improve a home’s value – up to 12% – and generate an excellent Return on Investment – up to 150%. Even better, Olivette lawn care services can enhance the property’s curbside appeal, which attracts more prospective buyers, which in turn can mean a much faster sale.All of these combined factors are why lawn care maintenance in Olivette, MO, is so important.

Lawn Care Olivette, MO – The Importance of Using the Right Professional

Together, all of these figures tell a story to investment-conscious residential and commercial property owners. Local homeowners in Olivette and Richmond Heights, MO are typically –

  • Married, well-educated, and comparatively affluent – which means they live in comfortable, relatively high-end homes that no doubt require regular maintenance and improvements to keep the value current, relative to the market. Lawn care service in Olivette is one such maintenance/improvement project.
  • Knowledgeable about what they want and able to pay for it – which means that they understand the importance of exterior aesthetics and curbside appeal. They know that to stand out from other properties, they have to invest in the right maintenance/update plans with a reputable Olivette lawn care company.


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Lawn Care Olivette – What to Look for

The top companies providing lawn care service in Olivette, MO, should extend a degree of experienced professionalism and available solutions beyond the abilities and resources of the typical property owner. The best lawn care Olivette has to offer should –

  • Have an experienced cadre of highly-trained professionals who together specialize in all aspects of Olivette lawn care and maintenance, including:
    • inspecting and planning
    • planting, seeding, and turf installation
    • fertilizing, with both chemical and organic options
    • manual weeding and herbicide application
    • mowing, edging, and lawn shaping
    • disease prevention
    • complete yard cleanup, to include leaf removal (raking), leaf vacuuming, and debris disposal
    • pest control for both insects and rodents, with specific solutions for different pests. Humane removal options should be available, and special care should be taken around children and pets.
  • Provide both full and individualized service plans
  • Suggest a specific schedule for year-round lawn care and maintenance
  • Give complementary initial consultations, complete with written recommendations and estimated charges.
  • Proactively provide local references/examples
  • Belong to local organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or the Landscape and Nurserymen’s Association of Greater St. Louis

Lawn Care Olivette, MO Summary and What You Need to Know about Olivette
lawn company raking leaves in Olivette Mo

Olivette is a small suburb of St. Louis, both geographically – less than 3 square miles – and population-wise – less than 6000 residents. Originally settled in the mid-1800’s, Olivette was incorporated in 1930 and has the distinction of having the first brick schoolhouse in St. Louis County.

The median household income in Olivette is considerably above that of the rest of Missouri and even the rest of the country – $87,563, compared to $47,038 and $52,746, respectively. Income in Olivette is 50% higher than the rest of St. Louis County.

Likewise, the average household net worth in Olivette – $673,940 – is much greater than the typical Missouri household – $386,695. This is even higher than the net worth of the average American household, which is only $484,469. People in Olivette get married and complete a Bachelor’s Degree at a higher rate than elsewhere in St. Louis County. These factors explain why the average home value in Olivette is $277,450, which is almost two-and-a-half times the state average – $118,050 dollars.

Your lawn can send one of two messages –

If it is neglected and in disrepair, it tells visitors and prospective buyers alike that your priorities don’t include lawn care. In Olivette, MO, that also says – right or wrong – that just maybe you don’t take care of the rest of your house either. That perception can cost you thousands.

On the other hand, with the lawn care Olivette professionals offer, it will be warm and inviting to your visitors and attractive to buyers in the future. This is why up to 90% of real estate agents suggest working with lawn and landscaping professionals like Schwartz Brothers Landscape Solutions before putting a home up for sale.