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If you are looking for lawn care in Troy, MO, you may wonder how to go about hiring the best lawn care companies. In Troy, and the surrounding area, you will find no shortage of so-called “professionals” who are, in reality, little more than a couple of guys with lawn mowers. Properly caring for your lawn involves much more than that.

Lawn Care Troy, MO – What to Look for in a Company
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The best companies offering lawn service in Troy, MO, should offer a level of expertise and available options beyond what most homeowners are able to do themselves. The top lawn care Troy, MO providers should –

  • Have a team of trained and experienced professionals – not just one or two guys – who specialize in all areas of lawn care and maintenance, including:
  • Provide both full-service and à la carte options
  • Offer a dedicated schedule of round-the-year care and maintenance/service tasks
  • Give written, detailed evaluations and estimates at no charge. Most importantly, once the evaluation is complete, the lawn care specialist should be able to answer any questions to your satisfaction.
  • Be able to provide local references and examples of their work, including before & after pictures
  • Be a member in good standing of local organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Small Business Association

All about Troy, Missouri

Troy is a small city of less than 8000 residents approximately one hour northwest of St. Louis. Originally platted in 1819, it currently serves as the county seat of Lincoln County.

The median household income in Troy is slightly higher than the rest of Missouri, $50,055, compared to $47,038. The average home price, $124,900, is far less than the US average, but above that of the rest of Missouri, $118,050.

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Compared to other Missourians, residents of Troy are better off financially, with an average household net worth of $416,553, versus $386,695 elsewhere in the state.

What this means to homeowners in the Troy/Lincoln County locale is that the average resident is better off financially, with a more valuable property than other people in Missouri. This is an indication that people in Troy tend to take care of their homes – modern interior upgrades, regular exterior maintenance/beautification, and proper yard maintenance and lawn care. Troy, MO, homeowners take pride in their properties.

Your lawn is like the “welcome mat” of your home. A professionally-maintained, well-kept yard is inviting and appealing, to both visitors and prospective buyers alike. A blighted yard in disrepair sends the opposite message.

If you are a savvy homeowner who cares about both the aesthetics and the resale value of your home, then you owe it to yourself to hire the best company in lawn care Troy, MO, has to offer, such as Schwartz Brothers Landscape Solutions.


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