Leaf Removal

Leaves-being-raked-by-a-St.-Louis-lawn-serviceLeaf removal is a follow-up exercise for a homeowner tending to his/her own lawn. It will keep your yard clean after autumn. There is nothing to be stressed about, especially if you let the lawn care professionals at Schwartz Brothers Landscape Solutions take care of it.

Leaf removal is important because the energy stored from the process of photosynthesis can be utilized when spring comes around. However, if there are leaves on the lawn, this process will be inhibited. Basically, the leaves will block light which is necessary for photosynthesis. So, you need to remove the leaves to nourish your lawn and allow it to breathe. To make things easier for you, let’s look at some tips for leaf removal from lawns.

Another issue with leaves is that they can clog up your gutters making rain water spill over and ruin parts of your home or landscape.

Know which tools you are comfortable working with.If you want to rake up leaves manually, you will be able to get the work done quickly if you use an extra-wide rake, particularly one which has extending prongs that are slightly thin.

Leaf blowers can be quite expensive, but you might actually enjoy using them. They are good for blowing dry leaves, but for wet leaves a rake should be preferred. A better option is to use an electric leaf blower rather than one powered by gas. You can either vacuum or rake the leaves from your lawn on a tarp to make it easier for you to remove them. You can also use a lawnmower to transfer the leaves into a bag, and then you can later put them in an eco-friendly bag.

To keep your lawn clean, use a mulching mower to mulch the leaves. The volume of a pile of leaves can be reduced to 10%. When mulching, the leaf particles get mixed with grass clippings, and it takes less time for composting.Mowers which can mulch and side-discharge are particularly good at leaf removal.

GardeningYou can use it by setting your mower to mulch by closing up the side-discharge port. You can use this method if the leaves are moist to dry and the grass is at an average height. You can continue mowing as usual while going over the grass and leaves one more time to mulch it properly.

You can use the side discharge method to mulch the leaves back into your lawn or chop them after which you can pick them up using the mower and a bag. The best time to use it is when the leaves are wet and heavy and the grass is moist and has grown to a tall height.Mow in stripes or you can mow outward or inward in circles so you can cut the particles as you want.
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