Snow Removal/Deicing

Snow Removal from LawnsSchwartz Brothers provides, snow plowing, sidewalk clearing, and ice control services to a number of commercial properties and Homeowner Associations in Saint Louis County and Saint Charles County, let us help keep your properties safe and your seasonal budgets in tact.

During winters, the biggest lawn maintenance task is cleaning up all the snow lying on your lawn and driveway. But the thing to remember is that snow is not so bad for your lawn. In fact, snow covering a majority of your lawn area helps because one inch of snow will protect your lawn from transpiration (evaporation from plants). Your plants contain moisture, in grass blades, which is sucked out in dry wintry conditions.

But too much snow is obviously not a good thing because the grass crowns freeze during winter and become brittle. This means brown and dead areas are left if the snow is not cleared. So, what type of tools do you need for snow removal?

If your area receives little annual snow, you can easily do the job using a shovel. But if it seems like a lot of physical labor, you can opt for an electric snow shovel. Should you use a plastic or aluminum shovel?Aluminum snow shovels are not durable. They will not tolerate abuse but they are lightweight.

Snow blowers are also ideal because they make snow removal much easier. If it falls within your budget buy a snow blower, but take into consideration the size of your lawn, and the average amount of snowfall in your area. Snowblowers take up a lot of space and they require maintenance.But costly snow blowers offer more size and power, which means you can remove the snow from your lawn with less effort and time required.

There are ice melt tools available that a homeowner can employ to keep lawns and driveways free of icy conditions. There are a variety of ice melt products, such as calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride and also urea. If you want to purchase ice melt product for your lawn or driveway,there are certain things you need to consider before buying. You need to consider whether these are safe for plants, the type of driveway finish you have, how quickly the product works, and the effective melting temperature.

Sodium chloride is used for breaking the bond of ice to the pavement by lowering the freezing point of water. Sand attracts moisture and releases heat. It can also be used to melt ice along with salt. It melts ice at 20o. Common fertilizer products, such as urea and potassium chloride, can also be used for this purpose but they are unlikely to work should the temperature go below25° F.

These products are usually not suitable for lawns although you can use a bit of it. Don’t use excessive amounts of ice-melt products around plants as it can cause plant damage or even death. If you use too much in an area, spread it out with a broom.

Many people hurt their backs while shoveling snow. You can prevent this by pressing your weight on your feet via your hips. Lean your body forward from the knees for the correct position. Shovel the snow close to you and do not outstretch your arms because when you do that, Snow Removal from Lawns the snow becomes heavier which will place a greater strain on your low back. If you are shoveling heavy snow, your muscles will have to work harder to keep your spine neutral.

If you find that shoveling snow is just too much for you, give Schwartz Brothers Landscape Solutions a call and we can plow your driveway, parking lot, or most any other areas.

Commercial snow removal can be quoted on a per push, by the inch, or seasonal basis depending on the commercial properties wishes. Schwartz Brothers is a 24 hour snow removal company. We are available via phone or email 24 hours a day during snow events. We have multiple shifts of workers to ensure your properties are serviced day or night in a timely manner. We have the experience as well as the equipment needed to handle all sizes of properties as well as multiple location accounts.